What are cookies ?

Cookies are pieces of information placed on your browser when you visit a website or use a social network with your PC , smartphone or tablet .

Each cookie contains various data such as, for example , the server name comes from, a numeric identifier, etc ..

Cookies can remain in the system for the duration of a session ( that is, until you close the web browser used for web browsing ) or for long periods and may contain a unique identifier .

What are cookies?

Some cookies are used to perform authentication information, monitoring of sessions and storig specific information about users who log on to a web page.

These cookies, so-called technical, are often useful, because they can make faster and quick navigation and use of the web, such as intervening to facilitate certain procedures when you shop online, when you login to areas with restricted access, or when a site webriconosce automatic language it normally uses.

A particular type of cookie, dettianalytics, are then used by the operators of websites to collect information, in aggregate, the number of users and how they visit the site, and then draw general statistics about the service and its use.

Other cookies may instead be used to track and profile users while browsing, study their movements and habits of web browsing or consumption (what they buy, what they read, etc.), Also in order to send targeted advertising services Custom (cd Behavioural Advertising). We speak here of cookie profiling.

For example: Did you ever visit a site for services, to use your webmail or access your page on a social network and find banner ads related to your latest research on the web or at the last purchase made on the Internet ?

This is because those web spaces are designed to recognize your computer or another terminal you use to connect to the web (smartphones, tablets), and possibly direct you promotional messages "profiles" based on your research and your Internet usage.

You may also have a web page contains cookies from other sites and content in various elements hosted on the same page, such as banner ads, images, videos, etc .. We speak, in these cases, so-called third-party cookies, which They are usually used for profiling purposes.

So cookies you download on PC, smartphones and tablets can also be read by other persons, other than those who manage the web pages you visit


Cookies and privacy

Given the particular invasiveness that cookies profiling (especially third parties) may be part of the private sphere of the users, the European and Italian legislation requires the user to be properly informed on the use of the same and give their valuable consent to the insertion of cookies on his terminal.

In particular, with the measure "Locating mode simplified information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies" 8 May 2014 [Doc No web. 3118884] the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data ruled that when accessing the home page or to another page of a website that uses cookies for profiling and marketing should immediately appear unbanner clearly visible, where it is clearly stated :

1) that the site uses cookies profiling to send targeted advertisements;
2) the site also allows sending cookies "third-party", in the case of using this type of cookie, that cookie installed by a different site through the site you are visiting;
3) Link to a wider disclosure, with the indications on the use of cookies sent from the site, where you may opt to install them directly or by connecting to various sites in the case of cookies "third party";
4) a statement that continuing the navigation (ex By going to another area of ​​the site or by selecting an image or a link) consent is given for the use of cookies.
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